7 Amazing Scientific Benefits of Music You Should Know Before The Year Runs Out

by Eden Benibo

To some, it’s holiday already! While to some others, the work still goes on and on, nonstop. However, the two categories notwithstanding, it’s the year 2019 gradually gliding to an end and we cannot deny the fact that music, in it’s own unique way, played a paramount role in our lives as individuals. Whether during just our time for relaxation, or giving us the right vibes during one “parte” or another in the course of the year; the colours that music add to life cannot be overemphasized and the sweetness it brings is beyond words.

There is this heartwarming connection it creates beyond language differences, tribal sentiments and all other sort of boundaries.
Well, they say music is a universal language, and we all have that special genre that gives us the liberty of fluent expression in diverse music forms.
From the peace that comes with listening to a song, to the joy and excitement another song triggers, these all reflect that music is indeed food to the soul.

With this, I’ve dug out 7 Amazing Scientific Benefits of Music
(Whispers: You probably didn’t know) Just so you add up to your knowledge bank, before the year runs out.


Music Helps One Eat Less

If you’re watching your weight this Christmas, and you knoe you may be tempted to ‘eaaaat wild’, then this is for you! What???? You may ask! But yeah! It has been discovered that listening to soft music while eating can help one slow down with meals, consuming less food at a time. Let’s just say it kind of creates a divided attention that makes for a diminishing return in consumption.

Music Helps Premature Babies Stay Calm and Alert in Duality

Scientific research shows that sweet lullabies and live music has a way of impacting suckling patterns and feeding behaviors in premature infants, this in turn helps their calmness and alertness.

Music Reduces Depression

From top celebrities down to our neighborhood, the rate of suicide recorded in this year 2019, which ultimately generated from depression is alarming. With the dwindling economy, emotional struggles and various negative vibes choking survival, the reasons for depression are not farfetched.
However, we must consciously guard our inner peace and fight for our happiness at all cost. Music is one veritable weapon we can use to reach the goal of fighting depression. “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between notes and my back to loneliness”- Maya Angelou
Feeling down or just overwhelmed? Kindly shut the ears of your heart to the noise of this world and find your way to that favorite song that sets your soul on fire!

Music Improves Memory and Learning

Although there is currently no cure for the Alzheimer’s disease, music therapy has been used to help people with the disease recall seemingly lost memories. Experts has shown that repetitive elements of rhythm and melody aid the brain pattern that enhance memory. In a study of stroke survivors, listening to music helped them experience less confusion and better focused attention.

Music Can Improve Our Relationships

Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator with Science of People revealed that “hearing music alters the neuro chemicals in our brains and triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins. These neurotransmitters boost our mood and allow us to share that positive chemical rush with people we are with.”

Music Helps Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Yet another studies on children with spectrum disorder who received musical therapy showed improvement in social responses, communication and attention skills.

Music Lessen Anxiety

Time and again, music have been seen to help relax patients before and after surgery. It is also an inexpensive and widely available stress management tool.

So yes! Beyond even entertainment and the general vibes it brings, music goes a long way in facilitating our mental health and wholeness as individuals.

Indeed, Music is Life!
And Yipppeee
It’s just two days to Christmas

Do Have A Most Fulfilling Holiday Ahead!!

Much love!!!

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