In Conclusion of The Lockdown Series

by Eden Benibo

Joy. Tears. Laughter. Pain. Death. Life
Lately, I’ve been taking deep breathes. A whole lot has been happening, but in all, more than ever before, I’ve come to realize the power of telling our own stories.

Over 70 Lockdown Stories • 11 Countries • 1 Anthology

Featured Art By: CoilyandCute

Countries: Nigeria • Ghana • Burundi • Italy • USA • United Kingdom • Sweden • Cyprus • Ecuador • Turkey • Sudan
I’ve been working on a collection of lockdown stories. It has been most fulfilling and awe inspiring thus far.

…and some day, when all this is over, we would look back and smile.
Because we came through it all.
And whilst the DEATH that came with COVID-19, we were a part of a LIFE birthed.
The birth of an anthology that carries: Our StoriesOur SongOur Truth
An Anthology that would tell our stories even long after we are gone.
An Anthology that would sing our songs to generations yet unborn.
An Anthology that would serve as a fountain of the truth of how we lived through the days of COVID-19.
How it came. How we saw. And how we conquered.
Hey, if you have survived through the beginning of the COVID-19 phase till date, then you have conquered a lot in your own unique way. You are a Champ!
COVID19 • Rape • Murder • Crime • Fear •Uncertainty
Has life always been this fragile?

…glad to have covered over 70 different stories all beautiful in their uniqueness.
Stories of:
how we fought wars that bring peace.

how our health workers led this war.

how the COVID-19 days masked more than our faces. Masked more than illness.
Covered evil • Deceptions
World Rape • Murder • Word Depopulation • Crime • Pillage
(because “the true dis-ease is our disconnectedness)

how some of us looked fear in the eyes and went on with our WEDDINGS. Rewriting our love stories. Because ” most times, the WILL is all we need.”

how the days of COVID-19 badly burnt the homeless, the poor and even the rich. Yet, the scars only served as a map to thrive beyond all odds.

how we adjusted to the new normal, and rose above the boredom, setbacks, depression.

how many stayed: Productive • Creative • Charitable

how more than ever before, we cherished each passing time, knowing how fragile life is, especially with the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

how some of us added weight physically, while some others added mentally. All beautiful

how the lockdown was a worldwide holiday. A time to breathe. A time to pause in a fast paced world. A time to learn, unlearn and relearn. A time to rethink and restrategize. A life changing time in all.

how the lockdown made “sugar and salt battle for dominance in a chilled glass of water.”
COVID-19 hunts at neither a particular race, gender, age nor religion or status, but blood.- Humanity.

how we lived in a phase filled with so much uncertainties. It was never easy, yet we hoped “we would be proud we never went on lockdown in our hearts and minds.”

how we searched for God in all of this, not knowing he was right there in our actions and inactions. The kindness, love, hope shared. Our God in all magnificence was right there in all these little things that matter the most. And there lies the answers.

On The Stories Published
At first, I thought 30 would be the highest number of published stories for the Anthology. But the stories kept coming. Each story so unique, making me tell more people, who told more people.
And here we are now! 😊


-To God, for the strength and (vibes) to carry on with this project till the end, even on days when life seemed like an empty bottle floating on the oceans.

-Grateful, for the impacts made beyond my wildest imaginations.

-Grateful to everyone who is a part of this.
Your stories reached even places (countries) you and I have probably never been to.
You touched a heart you do not even know by simply telling your own story!
You. Are. Amazing 🏆

Long Live Our Stories• Our Songs• Our Truth

Cheers! To the history preserved, for days when memory may fail.

Cheers! To the stories that would serve as a map for the journey towards a brighter future.
A guide from where we are, to where we ought to be.

Cheers! To Us.

Much love,
Eden Benibo.

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