What You Forgot To Teach Yourself -By- Uche Blessing



What You Forgot To Teach Yourself -By- Uche Blessing

You are a soul struggling to be heard, to be seen and to be whole. You are a soul craving for your own reflection through people’s eyes. Through their eyes, you had wanted to see yourself and find yourself but you had never thought of being a lifeguard who could save yourself in yourself. You forgot, you are your own salvation.

You are a bird being trapped and caged in a cage of societal conformities. You are their norms. You are their trends. You had always wanted to be in the clique because being alone is what kills you, is what drains you because their pointed fingers had countless time murdered you but you had always wanted to save yourself, then, you joined because you could not beat them because you could not outshine them but someone should have told you, that being among the crowd doesn’t guarantee company. It doesn’t bring wholeness.

You are a voice bent to silence. You had wanted to sing like the lizard and nod in appraisal to its tune like the lizard but these days, you wish, you could say something and do something even with silence. You wish, you could built walls from silence. You wish but like the snail, you crawled into your shell because you are being careful of societal expectations: of what many would say but you have known that, in this track of yours, you are alone. You are made to sing. You are met to trigger a will. You are met to spoil yourself. Adore yourself. Present yourself gifts.

Love is your fear. The inevitable, you had taught yourself to run. Every now and then, you ran because, to love is to surrender. Most times, you question, the ‘whys’ in love: you question the need for surrendering. But in this geyser of yours, you envy the other side, you wanted love. You crave for it with passion. But you forgot.. Love is a plant planted in your garden. A plant, which you are accountable to because self love is the pyramidal peak of all love. It begins from one first before spreading it to the world. You should have birthed yourself in this mystery that love emanates when you begin to love the loveless. When you begin to love beyond human. Love pets. Love books… LOVE! JUST LOVE!!

Uche Blessing🔔
A writer, perpetually engulfed in fresh muse untold.
Blessing is currently an undergraduate studying Mass Communications at the University of Benin.
She stands amongst the few who sit on truth unshakably.
I describe her as a voice growing in the depths of love and sincerity for humanity. Yet a again, we found another Hueman; who paints words with colours of truth…

Glow on Blessing🥂
We look forward to seeing you soar higher!

One thought on - What You Forgot To Teach Yourself -By- Uche Blessing

  • Peace Henry
    Reply Nov 10, 2017 at 6:28 am

    Hmm this holds great truth and behind each lines lies a deep hard that cries for reawakening. Love is the only way out. Thanks ma’am for charging us afresh. Shine on!!!

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