Writing: A Passion That Cannot Be Hidden-By-Cofie Grace



Writing: A Passion That Cannot Be Hidden-By-Cofie Grace

Cofie Graceđź””
Here’s an undergraduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta with a burning passion fuelled by the will and zeal to create a positive impact, especially in the lives of teenagers.
Grace stands as a voice against sexual abuse; creating platforms where the untold stories are told, as words caged like slaves in the head of victims are released, restoring hope and self dignity at the long run.
She is an up and coming writer and spoken word artist whose art gets better daily.
Many of her works have been published via her social media platforms (which includes Instagram and whatsapp).
As an avid reader, she also loves teaching and impacting the knowledge acquired. I see this as an invaluable trait, as mental liberation is the beginning of true freedom.
Today on Express~Shun  Grace tells us her story (as a young writer) through a piece she titled- Writing: A passion That Cannot Be Hidden

Here’s her story~

My name is Cofie Grace Oluwabusayo. A 200 level student of the department of Economics of the Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
As a young girl, I had always loved reading books, stories, novels and even anything that got my curiosity. So in the process of reading, I started writing. Writing stories then was always what I loved to do. I had lots of them then. I remember telling my younger sister that I was going to author and publish a storybook by the time I was in primary six (6) now known as Basic 6. Actually I did not get to publish the story book, (laughs). Sure you asking why? I lost interest at a point, I lost interest in writing and reading. I saw them as a burden to pick a pen, a book and write. My words didn’t just make sense to me anymore. Prior to this time, I wasn’t getting encouragements from anybody so I felt whatever I did then was useless. My interest was waning gradually until I became a total stranger to the art of writing. I carried this mind-set with me that whatever I did, whatever I wrote was not needed but deep within me, I knew I couldn’t just stop writing like that. There was a space inside of me that needed to be filled through writing alone but I didn’t do anything about it because I feared rejection, I feared my own words, I feared criticisms from people so I intentionally hid my talent.
“Fast forward”~~~ to my admission into the university.I had become pregnant with words which I knew I had to be birthed through any medium and the only way I could labour was to pick a pen, a book and WRITE. I did!!!! I STARTED WRITING but I did not make it known. One of the challenges I faced as a person was that I was scared to showcase my talent, I didn’t believe in myself as a person that I could do a lot of things without necessarily having encouragements from people. When I realised there were lots I could do with my write-ups, I fought my fears and started writing for the whole world to see. I am my No1 fan, my encourager, my motivator. I became everything I needed to get myself going.
One of the lesson I have learnt is that waiting on people and waiting for people to give their comments will only bring you a step farther away from dreams. I waited too long for people to give me a go-ahead or tell me what is right and wrong which delayed me but now I know better. People shouldn’t be the basis for you starting something. You have all it takes in you to start something to pursue your career, to fulfil your dreams.
Writing has become the voice through which I express myself without any restrictions. I love writing and I don’t think I will ever stop writing again. It is what I love doing.

Thanks to Eden Benibo for this platform.
I am Cofie Grace Busayo. I choose to STAND UP, SPEAK UP and DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!

More thanks to you for sharing your story♥
You can find more works by Grace on Instagram @graycee_3
Or join her whatsapp group basically for female teenagers @09095951370
We look forward to seeing Grace shine brighter,
Illuminating the darkness in the lives of many.
Glow on dear!

5 thoughts on - Writing: A Passion That Cannot Be Hidden-By-Cofie Grace

  • Grace
    Reply Nov 17, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Thanks so much Eden for this platform..

  • oreoluwa
    Reply Nov 17, 2017 at 7:51 am

    I see a lady that is going place. you really encouraged me i wrote poems at some point in my life i stopped thinking I couldn’t do great. Buh tanks for the story. sukiyooo

  • Nelson
    Reply Nov 17, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Grace, thanks for this inspiring write-up!
    I have read majority of your write ups and it have challenged me alot!

    On this matter, the sky is your starting point!
    Thumbs up, Eden!

  • Owolarafe
    Reply Nov 17, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    This is so nice….. am so happy to read ur story greater u i pray, my secondary sch classmate

  • Akinwasola opeyemi
    Reply Nov 17, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Am glad u found ur place in the world of great writers wit the right motivator…Am hapi for u dear..

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