The Wild Wedding -By-Samson Abanni



The Wild Wedding -By-Samson Abanni

Samson Abanni🔔
Here’s a medical student from Afikpo, who can simply be described as an interpreter of life through poetry. It takes a heart that understands the language of silence to hear when the eyes speak.
Our wordsmith for the week,  Samson Abanni, is a lover of silence and an interpreter of solitude. A soul that has the courage to feel everything so deeply, cutting through the crust of words unspoken.
Today on Express~Shun, we bring to You an explicit piece by Samson ~Titled
The Wild Wedding~
They didn’t rent a hall, they used the whole earth,
this sparrow and its fiance about to wed.
The sky is not so bright, but who was looking up?
The grasses had agreed on green and a touch of anything else.
The wind was chosen to serve light refreshments.

I don’t know their art of courtship, or the lay of her considerations,
but here they stand, a bride and groom in everyday dress.
If this man had made money, it did not show,
If this bride had new eyelashes, it wasn’t obvious,
for they look just like every other sparrow.
And as the spear grasses now stood on their feet,
two pairs of yellow feet strut forward, side by side.

The earth kept rotating, but it’s attention was devided.
The wind kept sprinkling fragrance and petals, life was everywhere.
heads kept raised, chest forward they approached an unseen altar..
And how I envied them,
the way they had made ordinary, so special

On this great day, life wore exactly the same make-up,
for the quality of life does not depend on its colours.
the sky was cloudy, but that does not make the day sad.
All parts of a Diamond does not have to look uniform,
for it to be beautiful.

The affair was noiseless because life speak silence.
But being a man I just kept wondering , and asking myself .
Have they planned their finances?
Have they chosen Career paths and decided on insurance cover?
what of the number of kids and the mix of the sexes?
Then i wondered if I wasn’t wondering too much,
for it seems sparrows leave all their worries to the man behind the science that gets them airborne,
and keep them there.
So I didn’t enquire about the wedding reception ,
but I know the choir was in heaven, because I knew the Chief host.
I know they will live happy, I know they will live for each other,
I know they will never divorce.
I know sparrows marry for life.
I know I have studied them, even though i don’t yet understand,
how they have found the heaven,
we are still trying to invent.

Samson, thanks for sharing this didactic piece. We hope each reader ‘feels’ the life behind the letters.
Did we mention that he is also the host of an annual poetry contest~ ‘Samson Abanni Poetry Contest’. In few words he describes himself as one who believes in Jesus and lives simply.
We look forward to seeing Samson soar higher🥂

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  • Peter
    Reply Jan 12, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Didactic indeed

  • Olajide
    Reply Jan 12, 2018 at 7:44 am

    So nice

  • Ngozi
    Reply Jan 12, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Sagely written

  • Dennis
    Reply Jan 12, 2018 at 9:03 am


  • Nelson
    Reply Jan 28, 2018 at 12:52 am

    And this turned me on

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