The Fright Of Old Age- By- Dennis Makanjuola



The Fright Of Old Age- By- Dennis Makanjuola




Dennis Makanjuolađź””

Here’s a young poet who also writes short stories that paint pictures antecedently blur to the world.

Dennis is yet another gifted gift, a believer in the power of words and how they cause stimulated vibrations in the minds of readers.

When he is not getting lost inside the endless pages of a novel, he writes…

Aside his love for reading and writing, he loves dogs, football and solitude.


Today on Express~Shun we bring to you a poem By- Dennis


Titled : The fright of old age

Blend the components

Let the water boil and then

Watch the steam travel


Far to the atmosphere

You want to remain young


You panic when you hear

the voice of old age

Calling on you to adhere

What are you becoming?

A liability

You empty panacea inside your


Hoping for a positive change

You forsake caution

And embrace anything selling

Rapidly on the herbal medicines


You watch as rumpled skin

becomes smoothen _

Years has gone

Before long last

Boasting of magic

In cheap raise.


~Mankanjuola Dennis

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