For The Girl Child- By- Collette Obi



For The Girl Child- By- Collette Obi

A note to any girl or woman who is yet to understand her self worth, listen up girl, your worth is impossible to measure!. This is our story marred with experiences.
She came to him tainted and confused with lots of secrets, never knowing HE watched her all her life,and like a cinema heaven watched her waiting for her to manifest and yearning for her heart.He craved her attention long before she came to the realization that HE exist.She came to mother earth roaming but not living never knowing her worth,never coming to the realisation of what HE did for her.Like the lover that HE is,HE gave up everything for her bearing in mind that she would hurt him in the future.Day after day, she grew farther from him,not knowing HE sheds tears on her behalf daily. She is happy and HE is weeping,for her soul and the value which HE placed on her. She never knew she was blood born, she never knew she was part of the blood gang.HIS blood gang.
Dear girl child,value yourself.
Yes there are times when we ask ourselves why we had to come out as a girl child rather than a boy,or why the freedom given to us is less than that of the boy? We oftentimes get tired of the reprimanding looks from parents when we fail to comport ourselves or ooze the so called “ladylike aura”,always starving ourselves in the name of getting those approved words and denying ourselves the opportunity of letting loose,doing that which gives us pleasure and limiting ourselves to suit the tents of the society.Does it always have to be in the ride of our bosom or the arch of our backs?
This is a note for that tall,slim,dark girl who thinks she is getting less than what she deserves.
A note for the timid looking girl reading this right now and pondering over giving herself a trial.
This is a note for that fair babe in a green skirt and a white blouse ,stop judging and looking down on yourself.
A note for that little child who cries herself to sleep based on what people say about her.
Dear girl child, I put this to you, value yourself. Even the Bible asserts to this, your are the modified version of man,cause out of him came you, never forget that.
We all have that day that seems so different from the rest,like the white rose admist the red.Days when we withdraw from ourselves and just decide to look at our lives from the side lines.Displaying fireworks in a single smile,portraying the joy of a mother watching her child take the very first step of his or her life or the first word of a child.Not that we don’t have our scars but it’s in the ability of thrusting the scars of life to the world with head held high for all to see.Grinning ear to ear on the fact that we got to do things without holding back eliminating the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’,never minding if people call you wierd cos that’s what we are.
Yh,Society walked up to us the other day giving that disapproving glare , her nose in the air with Perceptions trotting behind to meet up with the click click of her shoes,reminding us of how we did not fit in,shaking her heard in disgust while sizing us up,Perceptions peeped from behind her skirt smiling sheepishly and nodding her heard in agreement
Smiling and looking up at them we answered saying….Where were you when life kept hitting at us,choking the little hope left in us…..busy? The other day when we stepped out of our rooms and saw you it was as though we weren’t there,but when we finally wore the garments of rules and regulations placed at our door steps by Perceptions, you awarded us with a smile,the smile that we carried with us for years until we saw through the smile and the fake words Perceptions threw at us and when we are finally coming out from our shells dear Society, you tell us we are making a fuss.
Society not knowing what to say stared at us aghast while Perceptions just stood gawking,and with their aura of assumptions they walked out giving us no answers to our questions.
Being you and doing you for you is like a cold glass of water on a hot Sunday afternoon.You are free born,rule your world.

About the Author:    Collette Chinenye Obi is currently a student of Mass Communication in the University of Benin. Aside being a huge lover of BEANS, she is a novel addict who has a passion for touching lives through words. 

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