WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND?- By- Nonso Nnabuife



WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND?- By- Nonso Nnabuife


The priest spoke the word
The people heard the word,
And for the first time, the potent word-
Affected this vulnerable world…

See water pour hopelessly on Stones,
And marrows slowly leaving the bones
Everything massively loosing their forms,
See them win.. an army of worms.

In a world where nothing makes no sense,
Something is knocking on the door! Oh it’s sense
Despite that sense knows no ones’ name,
Neither is it consumed by anyone’s fame

Gather round my people, round the fire
Like in the days when we were bonded by an invisible wire,
I stand here! You don’t have to hire
Small me but today  higher

Listen to my voice, I’ll preach it
Listen to my song, I’ll sing it
Heed to my advice, while I shout it
Tomorrow may be late, if you like hate it

Spread it, what is in your hand,
Small or big, ugly or fine palm
Everything you’ll ever need is in your hands
Gift, talent, genius, star…  ..in your hand

Christian and Moslem too,
The power to succeed and change the mood
And for you who think I am a fool,
Please open to Exodus, four, two!!!

One thought on - WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND?- By- Nonso Nnabuife

  • Emem
    Reply Mar 13, 2019 at 10:38 am

    Prestige! Awesome piece.

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