An ode to LIFE (AGBON)- Salted Words By: Pa Shakespeare

by Eden Benibo
The yesterdays,
The todays and even the uncertain morrows
In accordance to the law of nature
Are in a state of a perpetual flux.

The many stages 
We have Experienced
Thus far,
Buttress and assert the karmic theory
Which states that 
'whatever goes up will be reversed so 
It can be reached'.

Our decisions and indecisions
Are guides, navigating our paths towards 
Its designated fate,
For a man is wholly free when he is dead.

How true and dedicated many remain
To life's hustle
Amidst it's bellow mysteries
And power tussles.
Which arise as a need mistaken
For peer pressure,
For to sew a clothe, a tailor
Must first take a measure.

You are cheap but yet priceless,
Harsh like the fate of Ikoka men after the curse.
Sour Sweet like the taste of the Otien fruit
And indifferent to man's plight.

A statue should be made in your name
Because your fairness knows no bound.
For if you were biased,
Only the few rich will survive
Whilst the poor, animals
And the trees will go into extinction.

'A wise man lives once
And leaves while dying.
While a fool dies several times
And regrets even while living.'

Godwin Henry Osaigbovo Pa Shakespeare

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