WHEN BAD MEETS EVIL By David Williams (Davespeare)

by Eden Benibo


“Oh I could”
Becomes our religion when things go awry.
The gods must be angry
When bad things happen to a pagan.
Sacrifices! Sacrifices!
Another virgin for the gods.
The white man said it’s arrant nonsense.
Why are you a sucker for pain?
But worse comes to worse
when bad meets evil,
‘It’s the work of the devil’
So says a christian.

Prayer after fasting, sewing seeds in doubt, springs forth the question:
‘Or is God not a christian?’
I know a doctor who lost his patience
Because he didn’t get any answer for more patients when he prayed about it.
And I know a casket seller who keeps praying for customers.
But who answers the prayer of them all?
Maybe there’ll be none remaining on the last day,
If the heart desires of each man be granted.
Haven’t you heard that the doctor hands over
His mistakes to the mortuary attendants?
The relay continues…

©David Williams (Davespeare)

About The Author: Here’s one of those beautiful souls with words that resonate deeply. Below are the words of David, giving a glimpse of his entirety:

I am David Williams, known by the stage name Davespeare. I’m a poet, spoken word artiste, songwriter, and more. My style/genre of poetry is what I call rhythmic poetry, although I love to explore other forms, since I’m still growing, (yes, I believe we stop growing in death).
My writing journey started in the year 2017.  I write to tell my story, in such a way that it should motivate, edify, entertain and educate.
I hope that my art would be able to influence people’s lives and mindsets in the best possible way.


Glow on Dave! We look forward to seeing your works thrive in the literary sphere and beyond!

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