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Enforcing a positive mindset and shutting out negative thoughts is important to get ahead in today’s world, where we are exposed to a lot of negatives daily. Subconsciously, these negative elements begin to plant themselves in our within us, which READ MORE



Grow You
Grow You

  Living in a world where we wake up each morning to new innovations and improvements on how things were, just a night before shows beyond every reasonable doubt that life is ever changing. Phases fade out, because even life READ MORE



Dealing With Disappointments: Rise!

There is this weakness that comes with failing. One cannot really tell if it’s that kind of ‘general body weakness’ or something that goes beyond. Something inexplicable. That kind of feeling that makes one feel static, with little or no READ MORE



For Productivity: Slay From Inside Out!
For Productivity: Slay From Inside Out!

In a world flooded with so much negativities here and there, it’s high time we realized that in order for us not to become like lost balls in the high weeds, we have to maintain certain personal standards and values READ MORE



We Should All Be Writers-By-John Chizoba Vincent

(FACEBOOK WRITERS’ PHENOMENON) In many cities of the world, especially the under developing countries, writers have been subject of abuse, neglect, exploitation and even in extreme cases murdered by evil critics who don’t even  critique constructively. These writers, expected mirrors READ MORE



One of the major problems or  issues that some contemporary Nigerian writers have today is that they want to write and sound like Chimamanda Adichie,  Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe,  Christopher Okigbo, Habila Helon and Many others to be accepted by READ MORE



For The Girl Child- By- Collette Obi

A note to any girl or woman who is yet to understand her self worth, listen up girl, your worth is impossible to measure!. This is our story marred with experiences. She came to him tainted and confused with lots READ MORE