Kick of an Ancient Foetus- By-Ugbeh Doreen

by Eden Benibo

Ugbeh Doreen🔔
ye.e.e.s, maybe this is the Doreen you know somehow, somewhere but I’m here to ‘tell’ you about the Doreen you probably do not know.
Personally, I’ve known Doreen for quite sometime now and if I was told she is a writer, I would easily dance to the melodies of that beat, cause I’ve known her to be an excellent feature writer (no hypes) but hey! I just got to know that Doreen is a poet!!! Did you…? She’s a big time ‘bone wracking’ poet for that matter.
According to Doreen, her love for literature was discovered back in the days when she was still a secondary school student.
No doubt writing poetry (or any art in particular) can be an uphill task, following lots of deterrent factors.
However, we must note that poetry is life. It’s our duty as poets to live it and not leave it. To glow in it and not go out of it. On this note, a huge congratulations to our very own Doreen for her choice to live poetry. Cause more undiluted poetry is needed…
Cheers!! To the greater heights that awaits you,Doreen.
Glow on!🥂

KICK OF AN ANCIENT FOETUS written by Doreen is one very deep poem. I’ll recommend its consumption for everyone.

Here’s the full poem💊 ~

Burning furnace, I pass through
Thoughts keep coming through
Wallowing in anguish and tears
Swallowing deceit and cruelty
Shallowish my world become
Left alone, chewing over dilemmas
Soul forbearing vengeance
a thinking cap will help break through
But it kicks within again
Scolding depression.

Obtaineth from my flesh, the warmth of the sun
Beholding from my eyes, the beauty of the cloud
Perceiving with my nose, the smell of heavenly drops
Earing with my ears, the sound of thunder strikes
Tasting with my mouth, delicacies from greens,
She kicks in excitement and wants to tell a tale.

Like a foetus in the womb; it kicks
A life inside a flesh worries, the arcane pen kicks
Consoling inner feelings without meetings
life and flesh decides to meet, and say that the world is empty
The optimistic foetus kicks thus; Pen of its emptiness
They conclude its dark; pen of its darkness
They say it’s rough; pen of its roughish.
Nevertheless, not omitting thy last kick
It kicks thus; Tell them it’s well
Expose the possibilities
Describe of a bright next.

The foetus is an old seed
Kicking constantly to tell about.
A foetus that forever leaves within;
It told my old man to grab a quill,
It tells me to grab a pen,
And it has been the best thing since then.


Doreen started writing due to her admiration of the inspiration behind poems, after ‘studying’ so many of them.
In her words “the pen and the book are always ready to listen to you in any sort of situation that gives a feeling best known to you”.

All the very best Doreen!
Glow on!!🥂


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el cypher October 6, 2017 - 2:13 pm

This is a wonderful back that relates man back to his cradle.
It’s a total joy to read with its promises of sanity and ecstasy.
ink on, Doreen.

Sam de Poet October 6, 2017 - 2:44 pm

This right here is poetry!


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