My Lockdown Story – Chimdike Ogwe

by Chimdike Ogwe

A Lockdown Story 

By: Chimdike Ogwe

Well for me as a student, it’s been all about staying in my student lodge and seeing how the usual student life gradually faded away, because of this pandemic.

Students started traveling and suddenly everywhere just became deserted. The sound of loud hip hop music coming from your next door neighbor or the regular gisting we do outside at night and even as far as going to your neighbor’s house to eat food and drink garri, all went into thin air, because of this whole pandemic.

It started like a joke. Trust! Nigerians are always good at using situations around to tell jokes and evoke laughter. However, two months gone already and it has ended in tears.

Personally, I have been really productive this period. I started attending classes for graphics designing, and doing a whole lot of productive stuffs.

For someone like me who hardly stays at a place, I love moving around and being busy, so I think my being in Calabar has been “okay” thus far. This is because unlike other states that had a total lockdown, over here, there was still movement within the state. This is what made staying here “okay” for me.

Just recently, the ban on religious activities had been lifted from the state. So, from 24th of this month, churches resumed services! I had stayed home too long that even Sundays began to look like a normal week day. The reopening of church activities was no doubt an amazing news!

In all, the next news we will be waiting to hear now is the reopening of schools, and that will show that things are coming back to normal.

Stay home and stay safe, that’s all we can do for ourselves this period.

A Note From Eden: Dear Chimidike,
Thanks for standing as a voice, representing millions of students all over the world. Thanks for sharing your truth with us at Express-Shun. The world is dark enough. Continue to shine the light that you are.


Much love!!


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