Prose Poetry by M. Lewis Motter

by M. Lewis Motter

From countless moments of Craving attention
Being ignored
And still helpless, I begged
Notice me.

As if invisible,
Like the wind I made things Move and changed the vision,
But must have only been like whispers.

Deaf ears barely heeded,
Simply looked around and shrugged.
These blessings found her,
Caught her unaware,
But in that blank stare looking past,
As if I’m not even there,
I screamed and raged
Vying attention
Trying to get noticed,
“I’m afraid”, she said
Yet I touched not a hair on her head

So instead my eyes became clouds to express myself and be heard,
She’d broken me,
I hadn’t even noticed.
Manipulated and betrayed,
She wiped her hands off me,
And gave her soul to another.

Thankful God had other plans for me that day
He sent his angels to lift me.
They carried me
And made me take that step from sheets
over my head forced to face another day.

Finally I stepped forth with a lantern,
It lit so bright, it crossed the oceans
God tempered me against his anvil
And placed within me a storm that rages and gives love unto the world.

My shattered heart now stitched together,
With golden thread
But bigger than before.

©M. Lewis Motter


Note From The Author: Reading the poem below written by Eden, inspired me to write the above poem in minutes. It just flowed out of me after reading hers.

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