S C A R S -By- Rotimi Adeniyi (El Cypher)

by Eden Benibo

Rotimi Adeniyi🔔
A soul that has the courage to feel everything so deeply, cutting through the crust of words unspoken. Aside his writing skills, he is also blessed with righting skills. He stands as one of the heroes of our time, thriving in positivity and setting free caged truth.
Looking through the tunnel of time past, Rotimi with a pseudonym El Cypher has proven time and again to be an epitome of unfaltering integrity, to this end we look forward to hearing more of his success stories…🥂
Here’s a deep and beautiful poem~
S C A R S written by Rotimi 

How shall I sing this melody
with glued tongue twisted
by nature’s pride,
which corridor is etched with tracks of teeth.

Where shall I bury this skin?
in a grave of darkness to shade
its shame or in a cupboard of
desolated cocoon to hear it crumble.

What makes the night a knight,
if not a thousand tripping stars…
What makes the day a pathway
for the head to lead the league
of legs
if not the burn and churn of the sun..

what mystery is laced up my face
to pouch it in my skin’s hide?
If beauty is ever a human;
tell me I’ve lost a destination of
where pulchritude reigns

El Cypher


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Tex October 10, 2017 - 6:23 pm

…Wow, Scars! Indeed, the theme was exposed in few lines
I never expected less sir.. We look up to you forever!

Philip Peace October 10, 2017 - 6:51 pm

It is in the light of answering questions that we get to ask ourselves another and it is this respect as well, that we tend to ask ourselves why we asked the first question. Hitherto, man has this complications that isn’t unveil in what they express yet, the interpretation to what we see lies beyond what we (think and how we) interpret it. This has El Cypher done.

The start poses a sort of melancholic mood though the persona used ‘melody’ but it is ironically use (in respect to/of the title).
Now to, “…what made the night a knight, if not the tripping stars…” this perhaps indirectly pose a suitable meaning and deep interpretation to say that SCARS are part of us, they define us because “…mystery is(has) laced up my(our) face…” and such sort of destination(s) to the real attributed beauty is lost when another thing (scars): but physical and (supernatural) emotional is added to the taste of it.
Your work is more than I can say.

Cypher has indeed cooked up hidden words with interpretations down to earth. You work is as concised and profound as it is.
Your metaphor is well expressed. Well done, brother. The work is a patient, enjoying the treatment yet needs an antidote ,that heart might be ‘mended’ and beauty might not loose its way. Kudos!

Philip Peace

Prof Jay October 10, 2017 - 7:30 pm

A clever writeup. I just can’t express how inspired I was when I went through. SCARS indeed…!!! May THE SOURCE of this never dry. We look forward to get more from you @El-Cypher

Prof Jay October 10, 2017 - 7:35 pm

A brave writeup. I just can’t express how inspired I was when I went through. SCARS indeed…!!! May THE SOURCE never dry. We look forward to get more from you sir.


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