The Little Things Make A Big Difference

by Eden Benibo

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World Cancer Day 2020


Her name is Nkechi. She was just 25 years old when the news struck. Regardless of how gentle the doctor announced it, the word ‘cancer” still had its way of striking a chord. Injecting fear, and seemingly putting life on a hold.

About World Cancer Day 2020

The multiyear campaign ‘I AM AND I WILL’, running from 2019-2021 is the perfect summary of a call to action, going beyond mere wishes and hopes, to taking tangible steps as individuals.


What The Theme Entails

The theme ‘I AM AND I WILL’ reflects that knowing who we are, the lives we matter to, and the lives that matter to us, will determine the steps to take.

For instance: a secondary school student may not be able to donate #5000 to a cancer charity home, but this same student can volunteer for various projects and sensitization by these cancer charity organizations. The reverse is the case for a bank manager, who may not be able to volunteer, but can contribute, and the circle goes on and on, leaving us all with a part to play in one way or the other.

The International body for the World Cancer Day which was established in the year 2000 ascertains that

“Keeping in touch can have a positive impact on recovery. Studies have found that cancer support groups can enhance self- esteem, reduce depression, decrease anxiety and improve relationships with family and friends. For a person living with summary strong emotional support and loving relationships with partners, friends and families can make a big difference in their life. Indeed, these are the ‘little things that make a big difference.


The Little Steps That Matter

It’s high time we understood that most diseases, including cancer go beyond the physical breakdown of its victims. The mental and emotional health of affected persons are also largely distorted, and this is mainly due to the stigmatization the society throws at them among other things.

Just imagine you have a colleague at work who is suddenly diagnosed of cancer. How would you react at work when the person shows up? God forbid! You may scream.  But ‘God forbidding’ wasn’t the question asked here.

Would you still relate to him/her as normal? Or would you treat them like one with leprosy? Would you show empathy? Or simply spread the “good news” more.

Love, Care

25-year-old Nkechi, was still able to manage and scale through the countless chemotherapies, not just because of the sweetness and care from family members, but also for her super supportive boss and colleagues who always welcomed her with lots of hugs and love after each battle for life. Each struggle for survival. To her, these supports gave her the will power to stay strong, knowing that after all the pain of each chemo, there was a light waiting for her at the end of those tunnels. A light of true love from people that made her know how much she mattered to them. And so, this was no longer just a fight for self, but also a fight to keep the smiles on the faces of all she mattered to.  The little things. The big difference.

For a disease like cancer, which has been noted as the second leading cause of deaths worldwide, it is ironic to note that at least one third of common cancers are preventable. This is because our lifestyle choices affect the chances of cancer, all leading us back to who we are and what we do.

Live Right

In the end, even if it means just knowing who you are, how much you mean to others, and taking a personal stand to eat right, reduce excessive weight, quit smoking, or just undertake a positive and drastic change of habit that will reduce your chances of getting cancer in your own life, you have cut down the number of cancer deaths by one, and this alone is one of those little things that make a huge difference.

Below are some of the top cancer organizations in Nigeria

The Nigerian Cancer Society (NCS)

The Nigerian Cancer Society (NCS) was founded with the objective to assist in the development of facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, to educate the public on the problems of cancer, and to conduct research in all aspects of cancer.

Click Here For More Details

The Medicaid Cancer Foundation

The Medicaid Cancer Foundation (MCF) is a vehicle created by Medicaid to support cancer patients, promote cancer awareness and drive community cancer campaigns for underserved populace in Nigeria.

Click Here For More Details

Sebeccly Cancer Care

Sebeccly Cancer Care (Sebeccly) is a not-for-profit cancer care and advocacy organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to women living with breast cancer care.

Click Here For More Details

You Too Can Lend A Today

-Eden Benibo

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Little Things Matter!!! I can relate with Nkechi’s story

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