To Nigeria @ 59 -By: Chisom Umeh

by Eden Benibo

Today on Express~Shun, we have one of Nigeria’s young voices, Umeh Chisom, passionate about using the art of writing to relate what lies within.
Here’s what Chisom has for Our Dear Nigeria at 59:

I’ll write for Nigeria at 59
Yes, I will
Oops!! Nigeria is 59.

Dear Nigeria,
How are you and how are you coping with the load on you?
How often did you drink water after solving each problem like maths?
How exhausted is your brain?
Crazy right?

My dear fatherland,
I always wished I saw my heroic fore fathers.
Obafemi Awolowo
Nnamdi Azikiwe
Tafawa Balewa
Murtala Mohammed
My best friends in stories I read about them.

How they fought to save us from falling
All I see is a country sinking.
Loud whispers of:
“Nigeria is a crawling child at 59” fill the air..

How can she be so old but still crawls and mess herself up while awake?
She cries out blood,
But is left to bleed.

Her leaders are sincerely overlooking her worries, Because their hands are busy with the billions
While the needy are left to these cold hands..

It’s your birth month,
I wish you long life and prosperity.
I hope you see this letter
And I hope things turn around for good

Continue to grow in God’s faith and mercy
Things will surely get better

Chetakwa n’ogadinma

Thank you Nigeria
For all that you are
And all you will be.
Thanks for staying strong.

Yours Truly,
Proud, Resilient & Hopeful Daughter
Umeh Chisom

About The Author:
Umeh Chisom is a Writer and a Blogger, who does poetry and short story writing.
She’s currently a student of Medical laboratory science at Madonna University.

Her writing journey began after her secondary days.
To her, it began as a the killer of boredom, which later transcended to become a huge part of her.
She was inspired to keep her pen moving after she read one of the novels of Chimamanda Adichie.

Stories of little children facing a whole lot of ups and downs ignite her belief in writing.
She hopes that those who are subjected to silence would have a voice through her and also hopes being a public figure would bring light in the dark, for her.

We look forward to seeing Chisom’s dreams turn reality, as she thrives on in the literary field and beyond.

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Shalom October 5, 2019 - 3:49 pm

Beautiful piece by chisom 👏👏👏

Pablo October 6, 2019 - 5:07 pm

Nice piece.


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