What’s Up: Mental Health Among Creatives

by Eden Benibo

Lately, I was assigned to do an article on ‘Mental Health Awareness Among Creatives’.
During my personal research before starting the article proper, I got caught up in the middle..
Perhaps, because I put in my entire being whenever it has to do with writing.
I got swept away along the line, having researched deeply on depression and past suicide cases by creatives ranging from Vincent Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath to the most recent cases in Nigeria. This was overwhelming for me.
However, I’m glad I shook off the clog, proceeded with the article and delivered a fulfilling result.
Many thanks to Etu Odi Communications for giving me a platform to be part of the campaign on Mental Health.❤
With a totality of my research, absorption and experience
Below is the link to the full article:


Let’s thrive on💕

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