Writers They Are!-By- Mathias Bright

by Eden Benibo

Mathias Bright🔔
Gratefully, here is a young man who understands the unconcealed secret of life, knowing fully well that life goes beyond what I call ‘myopic goals coated in selfish interest’.
To this end,  Mathias is an entrepreneur cognisant of the fact that life is veritably about the positive impacts we make in the lives of others.
He is a certified programme producer, a corporate MC, and a motivational speaker, who is currently a media pundit in the making.
He has an undiluted passion for inspiring people and making a positive difference in life.
Here in this writing community, the only fault we have with Mathias is that he is a creative writer by default. We’ve read some of his works and agreed that more of these salted words and needed in a seemingly tasteless world.
It’s in you Mathias!
Hearts need this art..
Let it flow
We look forward to reading more of your poems and articles.
Flow & Glow on!!!🥂
Here’s the beauteous piece titled~ Writers They Are! By Mathias Bright

They call them writers, those that cling unto minutes running into hours just to weave phrases,that give unimaginable seldom answers to questions, unanswered.

Writers! They are those that go on a voyage of brain racking,Penning, just to ensure the supremacy of peace in the midst of mayhem.
Literature they are, those that ascertain that their linguistic unit makes no err when inks paint white plain just to correct wrongs rightly.
Scribers they are, those that sigh in the midst of mental frazzle-ness,but kept on in all vigor, the essence of upholding the placard of “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

“Wor(l)d” revolvers they are, those that in-scribe in letters,to resuscitate unconscious-consciousness, to make
Un-mattered matters matter.
Foreseers they are, those that, then! Now! They scribe,penning the future of the present past, yet unseen.
Fulfillers they are,those that write to live,just to live to write.

And this is me, with passionate nothingness trudge to daily live and act the first seven stanzas of this piece,just to be numbered among men who live by pen.
Living to create legacies untold but written in white and black, to the whites and blacks.

Me it is! who without grains to chew decides to pen for men to earn informed knowledge.
Sleep-waking in brainwaves, scribing, just to make out something out of nothing to fill up societal nothingness.

Here I am, plunging daily into stream of penning consciousness, just to have a memoir of a scriber attached to my name.
Living to always remember that we are called writers not because we write,but because we rightfully rewrite the tomorrow of today just to have the right world.

It’s ME! Breathing never to be out of ink to say that, we were! we are! and would always be, RIGHTERS!

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Dele October 11, 2017 - 2:27 pm

Nice piece!!!!!!!!

Titiana October 16, 2017 - 5:11 pm

Lovely inovation Eden!
Keep the fire burning


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